You’ve reached the official Lazu Lie band website!

Lazu Lie is a band of 6 people from southern Ontario who create that mysterious noise known as music.  Each member is a multi-instrumentalist and their influences are very diverse, hence their sound is equally a hybrid.

In this day and age, diversity can be a strength, or it can be a weakness, especially when it comes to music and how people hear music.

Some listeners like to hear something familiar and predictable, while still others like sounds that are less easy to decode.

If you are such a listener, and you like experimentation, then Lazu Lie might be for you.

The music of Lazu Lie has reached the Interwebs, and you can find it on many of your favorite platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, among others.

Here is a sampling of Lazu Lie music below.  Follow the band on Spotify if you like it:

Some members of Lazu Lie have other cool projects on the go!

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